Armaturenbrett Controller (für Triple-R Smartview)

Armaturenbrett Controller (für Triple-R Smartview)
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Operation of the Triple-R 1250 Smartview is via a Touchscreen Dashboard Controller, in parallel... mehr
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Operation of the Triple-R 1250 Smartview is via a Touchscreen Dashboard Controller, in parallel with the standard high beams on the vehicle. The controller's elegant sleek design is intended to mount effortlessly within the driver's proximity, on any flat surface using 3M VHB pads on the reverse of the controller. The controller is enabled with the vehicle's ignition, with the Smartview system activated and deactivated by holding the E9 icon for 3secs. Backlit icons indicate the various functions of the lamps, with the backlighting changing to white when any specific function is activated. With lighting functions aligned to the standard high beams, these will need to be turned on for operation of the different lighting modes, with the exception of 'Near-View' Mode, which can operate independent of the high beams (note - 'Near-View' Mode should not be used as an alternative low beam driving light). 'Dynamic Dip' is able to operate in conjunction with the other functions. A memory function within the controller will ensure the Smartview system reverts to the previous lighting mode when the vehicle's ignition is turned off. Note - the reason for supplying the Dashboard Controller as a separate item is that when a customer chooses to fit 2x Smartview lamps, they utilise only one controller, and therefore aren't paying twice for what is an expensive component part.

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